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Penguin vacation bonuses at Bet365 Bingo
Wednesday, 19 December 2012
Bet365 is offering players the new Penguin Vacation slot machine. Players get a bonus of up to £20 with this slot machine. They can play the Antarctica-themed slot machine at Bet365 Bingo. The new Penguin slot machine has been launched at Bet365 and players have been offered a bonus of up to £20 to use for this Antarctica-themed slot machine. This promotion will run from Monday until Thursday and players will have to deposit at least £20 with this promotion to get five pounds to use on Penguin Vacation. There is a £10,000 Bingo Value night as well where tickets will be available to take part in very cheaply. Friendly penguins are the main feature of this slot machine. Bet365 is a great site many different options and prizes to take home. Play now and see for yourself why bet365 is a great site to play amazing bingo sites at.

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