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Sopranos online slot machine at Casino Tropez
Thursday, 10 January 2013
Casino Tropez is launching a new online slot machine where you play for money, based on the US-American show The Sopranos that started in January 1999 on HBO and ended in 2007. Playtech has now obtained a license for the show to create the first Sopranos game. Symbols that payout are the members of the Sopranos family. Tony the head of the family is the wild symbol and pays out 5,000 coins. Then there are also Bobby, Christopher, Arty and Paulie as the other symbols. There is a free spins feature as well. The Soldier mode for example awards players with 25 free spins and Christopher is the extra wild symbol. If you are a fan of the Sopranos you will love this new game and there are plenty of options to choose from. There are 10 free spins with this slot machine and the so-called Capo mode offers players 20 free spins.

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